By G9ija

The photos of a Kebbi State politician, engaging in community service have become a growing sensation online.

The Nigerian politician was captured wearing a typical traditional outfit with a wristwatch and cap while cleaning gutters in his constituency.

It is no news that during the election period, some Nigerian politicians engage in various wierd activities and identify more with the masses.

However many Nigerians have considered it as old fashioned as they slammed the Kebbi state politician for engaging in such community service.

ushbebecomedian wrote: “Foolishness !!!! Why u no wear the right costume and play the role well, oh he wanted to show issa big man in da gutter”

vic_ageless wrote: “So he had to swim in the mess while still looking all kitted up… Oga get more creative”

mseroticaa wrote: “He should respect himself please. Rubbish.”

aquamanofuyo wrote: “LMAO oga get out of that gutter, clean yourself up and go your big mansion and chill, what is all these ?”

fredcomedian1 wrote: “Make una change pattern …. every body eye don clear”

razorsharp_ph wrote: “Old format we don tire for u people oga where is the money for this project”

davidkhofi wrote: “Cmon! The ppl ain’t gullible to this point of believing this unsolicited “community service”. Just employ the service of other ppl and by so doing u are putting food on their table. Cheap point detected”