By G9ija

Gov. Sule: He is not even popular in Nasarawa State so I don’t know about the Nation because in Nasarawa State, the popularity has nothing to do with Labour Party.

Labour Party doesn’t even belong anywhere and I am telling you frankly speaking. So, the parties that are even coming up to show some level of some popularity that you are talking about that some individuals are promoting are probably like the SDP, you know because it depends on one State to another.

Probably, like the NNPP (the Kwankwaso’s Party). At the National level, based on what we read in the newspapers, there are four(4) political parties that are strong: Definitely, the APC because we are the ruling Party, the PDP because they have an excellent Candidate, Peter Obi a one-time Governor is also a good person so Labour Party is there and of course, Kwankwaso’s Party.

So, these are the ones we see or read in the newspapers at that level so I think it’s going to be like that but most likely if you look at all these Candidates, with all sense of humility, two Candidates are at the top.

Interviewer: Which two?

Gov Sule: Asiwaju and Atiku Abubakar.

Interviewer: You are writing off Peter Obi and Kwankwaso?

Gov Sule: I am not writing them off but they will find it very difficult to break through because, I have no doubts they will do well in certain regions, but to have the National spread is going to be very difficult because it is people who move political parties and not just the name or the individual at the top.

With due respect, look at what the two other parties (APC & PDP) have. If these other two had come together, similar to what ACN, APP and the rest of them did to form APC, If they had done that, they probably would have more National Spread.