By G9ija

Prince Adewole Adebayo,  the Social Democratic Party, SDP, presidential candidate, has advised Nigerians not to be fooled again by the rhethorics from the Federal Government about the country’s debt servicing surpassing its revenue.

Rather, he said it is the stealing within government circles that have surpassed  disclosed revenue.

“There is noise about debt servicing surpassing government revenue in Nigeria. Don’t be fooled by such scaremongering cover-up. What has surpassed revenue is not debt. Stealing has surpassed disclosed revenue.

“Siphoning has surpassed disclosed revenue. They are hiding your money,” he said.

He further said without exception, all administrations, from 1999 to date, come to government with the sole aim to capture power, capture national assets, commercialise them and privatised it to themselves.

He said the players have become so parasitic to the system such that only fresh faces and ideas can take their hands off the country’s economy.

Prince Adebayo said: “When people come to government, they have an ideology that brings them to government. Ideology of people who have come to government since 1999, without exception, is capture power, capture institutions, capture national assets, commercialise and privatise it to yourself. Capture procurement.

“They are like parasite, they have entered into the bloodstream of the economy. So, talking to them and giving advice is waste of time because they are committed to the notion that they want to take the last blood of the economy.

“What you can do to save yourself, the masses and the future is to take away power from them, because once they are out of power, then they cannot touch your money.”