By G9ija

The 2022 governorship election in Osun state has come and gone. The outcome was that Distinguished Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke will be Governor of Osun state for the next four years.

This is incredible news and was obviously reflective in the mood of the Osun people, who went into wild jubilation after the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) declared the former Osun West senator the winner of the contest.

The PDP is back to power in Osun state after 12 years. It is an impressive turn of events, and a lot of effort went into making that possible. Although the PDP could have returned to power earlier, the mandate freely given to Senator Adeleke in the 2018 election was violently usurped.

When he picked the PDP ticket after the party’s primaries, I took a serious interest in his election. I was persuaded by the prospect that his victory in the election will bode well for the PDP’s victory in the 2023 presidential election, and as such, I took to work in my own little ways.

Although I am not from Osun state, I leveraged contacts in the state to canvass support for the PDP candidate. Three days before the gubernatorial elections, I moved to Osun state to join efforts to not only get Osun people to cast their ballots for Senator Adeleke but ensure that the election is not stolen like in 2018.

Along with a team put together by me, we transverse Osun state and spoke to people on why they should settle for PDP. As I noted before, winning Osun for PDP would strengthen the quest of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s chances of winning the presidential elections in 2023.

Under the APC, Nigeria has endured the worst of governance, causing incalculable loss of life, acute poverty, and economic devastation of an unimaginable proportion. Atiku portends the most probable option out of the mess created by APC, and this unambiguous truth formed the basis of my message to voters, and how winning Osun state for PDP, will start the process of fixing Nigeria.

All of these manifested for good on the election day as electorates, in many of the polling units we observed, went for the choice of Senator Adeleke. From Ile-Ife to Ilesha, and Osogbo, to Ila, the preference for Senator Adeleke was noticeable. And in the end, PDP won.

Going by the outcome of the Osun governorship election, and my interaction with people while in the state, it is clear enough what Nigerians want. They want a government that will truly serve them and going by the disastrous performance of APC, the PDP remain the veritable alternative. Just as it was in Osun, so will it be in the presidential election come February, as Nigerians will settle for Atiku as president.