By G9ija

A country where proven public service failures stand up to lecture others who had made a success of both their private and public lives. Fashola should be ashamed of himself for talking about economy even while his government has collapsed under economic woes.

You really cannot use infrastructure to grow the economy, what Fashola failed to mention was that the millions of liters of gas used to build the bridge were imported, at a very negative balance of trade for a country that has gas under its soil? Most of the other materials and manpower are also imported, benefiting foreign countries. The number of expatriate workers in JB will amaze you, with thrice that number serving them as cooks, gardeners, drivers and security men. Loss of foreign currency.

You grow the economy organically, by improvements in the GDP, creating enabling environment with power supply (an area Fashola failed woefully) and making sure more people work and exchange goods and services, not to talk about tax. APC keep proving everyday that they are passers by in the corridors of power.