By G9ija

The 29 phone sellers in Zamfara State that were kidnapped by bandits while returning from a wedding ceremony in Sokoto, have been released  by bandits on Thursday night. 

They are expected to reunite with their families on Friday, even though virtually all the victims have suffered from injuries and illnesses. 

Leader of the phone sellers at the popular Bebeji phone plaza in Gusau, Ibrahim Kado;, told journalists that whoever saw them when they were released will sympathise with them because they were in a very pitiable condition .

Kado , was however not categorical on whether ransom was paid or not before his colleagues were released. 

“Alhamdulillahi (Thanks be to Allahu), they were released , 29 of them.They came out in a pathetic situation,” he said.

When asked whether the government played any role in the release of the phone sellers;he said ” we can’t say government did not played any role , but we thank Allah that they were released.”

He said all the freed victims sustained injuries while in captivity, and of all them were exhausted.

According to him, one of the victims had to be rushed to an hospital where he.was given 2 pint of blood and 4 pint of water.

The phone sellers were released after spending about 2 weeks in the kidnappers’ den.

Vanguard had reported how they were kidnapped  on Saturday, the 11th of June while travelling in a Coaster bus between Tureta and Bakura , after attending their colleague’s wedding ceremony in Sokoto. 

Luckily , the bride ,her groom  and some few others managed to escape.