By G9ija

A female presidential aspirant on the platform of the Social Democratic Party, Dorothy Nuhu-Aken’Ova, has withdrawn from the primary election scheduled for Tuesday in Abuja.

The female presidential aspirant announced her withdrawal from the race at a news conference in Abuja on Tuesday.

Nuhuh-Aken’Ova pledged her support for another presidential aspirant, Prince Adewole Adebayo.

The aspirant, who hails from Niger State, said her decision to step down her presidential ambition was a demonstration of her loyalty to the party supremacy, which zoned its presidential ticket to the Southern part of the country.

Nuhu-Aken’Ova, who expressed her passion to cause positive change in Nigeria, urged all her supporters and Nigerians to support Adebayo, who she said shared the same passion with her.

She said: “Before today, I was in the race for the presidential ticket which has however been zoned to the South.

“This has automatically ruled me out of the race.

“As an obedient and loyal member of the party, I have stepped down my aspiration.

“I must point out at this point that my abiding reason for seeking the highest office was never about me, but to propagate real change in Nigeria that will cause a turn around for the citizens.

“I am pleased to inform you that, having been made ineligible to contest for the Presidency by the zoning, I have identified a formidable candidate who is still eligible to contest.

“A candidate who also shares the same passion, ideals and aspirations for socioeconomic development of Nigeria and her citizens as I do.

“I have decided to throw my weight behind that credible candidate. He is our amiable and highly esteemed Prince Adewole Adebayo.”

Nuhu-Aken’Ova said her decision was taken after full consultation with her supporters and constituents.

She urged her supporters and campaign organisation to work even harder with Adebayo and the SDP in order to take over power at the federal level from the All Progressives Congress in 2023.

On his part, Adebayo commended Nuhu-Aken’Ova for taking a commendable decision that represented what SDP symbolised for laying a solid foundation towards building a government that works for the people.

Adebayo said the decision was building a foundation for his administration that would constitute a government that would address insecurity to make Nigeria safe, when elected.

He said: “She is laying a foundation for a government where food is not a luxury, where ethnicity, religion, gender and all other discriminating practices would not be the centre point of our politics.

“A government where your bank account will not be the mileage of our politics.

“That is what she is making possible today and the action she has taken in the public interest.”

Adebayo said that Nuhu-Aken’Ova was not only teaming up with his presidential ambition alone, but with many civil rights organisations and women groups.