By G9ija

Tinubu: Tinubu is loved and powerful because he is a “come and chop” man. What do I mean. This man is a smart business man, he is very talented in generating money even though I don’t like him very much I must admit this. But the man uses resources especially the lagos state government resources to generate money for himself and his boys. His boys also have lots of followers benefiting from different schemes headed by the jagaban. He knows how to settle people. That is the core strength of tinubu. Every development tinubu pursues is based on business for him.

Atiku; very similar to Tinubu, he is also loved because he chops and allows other people to chop too. He is better because he is not just a politician or business man, this man is a true nationalist (if you ignore his corruption). This man truly loves nigeria as a nation. He does not allow his religion or region influence him too much. He stood against sharia law in the days of obj and till date he has not been forgiven in the north. He has wives and strong relationships with all regions of nigeria. The man is not tribalistic or a religious fanatic in any way.

Ameachi; is a man that lovable naturally. He is fun to be around and he does not hold grudges as long as you let him have his peace. The man is fun and very interesting, but what helped him politically is the fact that he has shown unusual loyalty to Buhari. The northerners see him as someone they can trust. Yorubas have no issues with him, some ibos only hate how he is in romance with the northerners, besides that they have no issues with the man. He is naturally lovable. The man knows how to cut back deals well. He knows how to chop and reward his own people too.

Peter Obi; the only man in this list that does not play Nigerian politics as it should be played. He spends money but not lavishly and he is not come and chop man. The fact that he does not allow come and chop has been his biggest stumbling stone because other politicians dont trust him. They feel he wont allow them have opportunities if he is in position of power. The educated demograph love him and support him. Especially Yorubas and Igbos. Unfortunately for him, he is a weak politician that has failed to have friends in the north and this would forever affect him politically.

Osinbajo; Just like his spiritual father, Enoch Adeboye, Osinbajo is soft spoken and people naturally trust people that are gentle like him. That is his number one strength. He seems like a good person outwardly because he is gentle and does not talk too much. He is also well educated, he comes across as a very intelligent man that has a lot to offer but he does not show himself. Osinbajo as always tried to be a forward thinker, he showed this when the FG wanted to ban cryptocurrency and during the end SARS protests. He seems like a man that would be very approachable to the youths.