By G9ija

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State has said his administration has fulfilled the terms of the contract it signed with the people when he stood before them and pledged to serve them diligently, transparently, and faithfully.

Emmanuel who made the remark in a broadcast to mark the 7th anniversary of his administration, enumerated his achievements across sectors of the state economy despite the two recessions and the Covid -19 pandemic the administration experienced.

He scored his administration 85 percent in terms of performance, and expressed the optimism that the score would inch up considerably before his tenure end in 2023.

His words : “The Akwa Ibom fountain of growth is sprouting heavens-ward and is poised to soak us all, in growth and prosperity going forward. That is the verdict, the unvarnished truth and this verdict is sacrosanct. The facts and the evidence bear us out.

“The First term of the initial contract we signed with you, was predicated on Five critical points, of: Job Creation, Poverty Alleviation, Infrastructural Consolidation and Expansion, Wealth Creation and Economic and Political Inclusion.

“We later expanded the above set of ideals into the 8-Point Completion Agenda comprising: Industrialization, Infrastructure, Aviation Development, Agriculture, Human Capacity Development, Security, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and Rural and Riverine Development.

‘All things considered, given the harsh economic tailwind that confronted us when we first came in, given the two recessions we experienced, given the one year the world stood still due to the Covid -19 pandemic, I make bold to say emphatically and unequivocally, that across sectors, we have done exceedingly well.

“Seven years later, to the glory of the One who Reigns Supreme, I can say boldly and satisfactorily, that we have delivered on the terms of the contract.

” Even our critics would agree, even if they won’t come out to say so publicly, that we have fulfilled the terms of the contract. As I said earlier this year, if we were to score ourselves, I still would give us 85 percent, and by the time we are done next year, that score would have inched up considerably”

The governor reiterated his advice that political stakeholders and youths should shun political violence, and also his pledge to set up a reconciliation committee to reach out to aspirants and supporters aggrieved with the outcome of just concluded party nomination in the state.

“As the political season dawns on us, I wish to urge our political stakeholders and our youths not to poison the waters of our unity with toxic political rhetoric or to engage in violence.

“I will never be tired of repeating this line that politics will come and politics will go, but the soul and the essence of the Akwa Ibom enterprise will remain an abiding spirit and letter of our collective engagements.

“Let us eschew violence and embrace the understanding that in any political contest, there must be a winner and the winner should reach out and embrace the side that didn’t win.

“This is why I stated last Sunday after the State and Federal primaries that we will soon set up a reconciliation committee to reach out to those who may have been aggrieved with outcome of our recently conducted primaries..

“Winners have emerged, and I urged our people to line up behind the people who have been nominated to continue pushing the levers of development of our State and ensure that the gains we have made in the last seven years are not frittered away” Emmanuel stated.