By G9ija

Joseph Ameh, the ex-husband of Dancer Kaffy, has denied claims that he slept with her best friend while they were married or was abusive towards her during the period of their marriage.

Kaffy had in an interview said she and Joseph stopped having sex three years before the end of their marriage.

In the interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Kaffy said going celibate was how she started healing from his betrayal from infidelity.

“If I had known I won’t have jumped into that fire, I thought he was just sleeping with strangers but I found out he was sleeping with my best friends, people I knew…I was thinking at the beginning that I had found someone to completely make me happy but that was selfish thinking, no human being should be your source of happiness,” she said.

She also spoke about her parents’ marriage, which was fraught with domestic violence.

She said her parents fought each other with whatever objects they could find in the house to use as weapons.

She added that they had to begin hiding knives and other dangerous objects from their parents when they fight.

In a post shared via his social media page, Ameh revealed that he messed up in their marriage but he never cheated on the dance instructor with her best friend or close pal.

“I will make this as brief as possible. I made a lot of mistakes in life and in marriage, I take full responsibility for all my foolishness with absolutely no excuses. However, I never slept with your best friend or close pals,” he wrote, adding: “Neither have I been violent towards you, contrary to the narratives flying around about me. Anyway, it has been a year since the marriage ended.

“I have tried to move and I do also advise you to do the same.”

It would be recalled that in January, Kaffy officially revealed that her marriage to Ameh was over.

She said that she broke their marriage to see if they will both grow into the best version of their selves.

She said: “I have always wanted to see the best vision of my ex and even taking the chance of breaking this marriage was also to see that we both grew into what we really really are supposed to be.”

Kaffy and Ameh got married in 2012.

They have two children together.