By G9ija

According to information, the dead bodies of Fatima and her four children were found lying on the ground at a junction in Anambra state.

Their bodies were discovered over the weekend. Muslims and Hausa-Fulanis are demanding justice for pregnant Fatima and her children.

Adamu Garba confirms that Fatima is from Adamawa state… Taking to his Facebook page, Adamu Garba condemned the killing of Fatima.

In the whole world, there’s never a terrorist organization that is as cowardly as IPOB. More so, there are no ones given unto self-destruction than their silent supporters

The gruesomely murdered Fatima & her kids are from my state, Adamawa. I mean are we really in same country?

The double standard is unimaginable. It seems like lives in Nigeria have two grades

The whole media went silent, the whole online so-called hypocritical agitation and fake-minded Humanright fighters were no where to be found.

Worst is, the govt can’t & won’t do nothing about it.

The faster we realize that Nigeria need complete political decentralization and everyone should take care of their regions, the better for us.

Why can’t people like Fatima and other people endangered in Anambra come back home since the govt won’t protect or even care about them?

We should stop pretending or trying to be politically correct. This country is not designed for equality and fairness to all citizens.

The concept of everyone can live everywhere is constantly attack by terrorist like IPOB & their silent supporters. While our people keep dying.

Until & unless a strong government is put in place, which will guarantee protection of lives & properties of Nigeria anywhere they are, citizens have right to vacate where they are endangered.

Hence the need for the likes of late Fatima to come back home where they are valued.