By G9ija

Comedian Mr Macaroni has called out Adamawa-born politician Atiku Abubakar after he deleted Facebook and Twitter posts condemning killing of Christian student accused of blasphemy by a mob in Sokoto state. 

NEW REPORTERS reported earlier that the posts were deleted shortly after the presidential aspirant was threatened by some Northerners with votes ahead of the 2023 presidential election. 

Mr Macaroni in his tweet, stated that Atiku’s action shows politicians don’t care about the people. He added that politicians only play to the gallery to secure votes. 

He tweeted;

Atiku deleting the tweet condemning the gruesome murder of Deborah shows what we have been preaching this whole election season. Politicians don’t care for the people. They only play to the gallery when seeking for our votes. The people must see beyond these gimmicks…