By G9ija

Renowned businessman, Dr. Lance Elakama, has urged young Nigerians and entrepreneurs to develop the habit of reading stories of successful people, especially in their area of career and business.

The Proprietor of Oak Business School said this when he spoke at the public presentation of his three books.

These are: The Grand Rules for the Journal of Life, Principles in Practical Management and Starting and Running Your Own Business.

Elakama said it was important for young people to learn from real life situations before venturing into a career or business path in order to avoid pitfalls and adopt proven routes to success.

While alluding to the fact that writing a book is an act of giving back to society, he said he feels fulfilled being able to accomplish the task of publishing the three books.

He said: “Writing is an act of giving back to society.

“On that premise, I feel much fulfilled that through these books; I am giving back to society.

“The truth is that writing a book is not an easy task.

“It requires dedication, determination, tenacity and the burning of the midnight oil.

“At a point, you develop inertia and stop writing altogether.

“Young people do not like to read books but they must be encouraged to read.

“They must read to learn from successful people in their fields.”

Elakama also said there were three kinds of people: Givers, takers and matchers.

Sir Ike Onyechi, who reviewed the book: “Starting and Running Your Own Business,” recommended it to marketing and sales professionals, saying it gave an analysis of how to build and succeed in business.

Onyechi said: “The book says there is no secret to success.

“When you fail, you fail forward.

“Failure is the way to success.

“Pay your staff well, build the people and your people will build your business.

“Everyone should read this book.

“It should go to marketing and sales professionals.”

On his part, Dr. Michael Fadeyi, who reviewed: “The Grand Rules for the Journey of Life,” said: “Elakama in his book says you should learn from every situation and challenge.

“You must keep learning and learning.

“Let’s try to understand our fellow humans because what annoys you in others is predominant in you, so you must be tolerant.”