Dele O

Pastor Sola, Bro Segun, my ever cheerful big brother. It was always fun speaking with you… Oj, Aj, Cj and Lj will miss their Uncle Sola.

My consolation is that you’re with the Lord. My wife and I will miss the “yabis” sessions with you but you will actually never be too far away as we will always carry you in our hearts.

Reserve a good seat for me in the grandstands of glory, ok?
I know you’re already troubling Archangel Michael and king David , have a blast bro, you deserve it…

       – Adedapo Oladele Ogunba

Abiodun Ogunba

I wish you sweet sleep, my dear brother.
Although there’s so much that you’ve left bare
I hate that you had to endure such pain
On my mind, your saddened eyes have left a stain.
I want to know what crossed your mind
Unspoken words you’ve left behind
A peace has fallen upon your head
A taste of sorrow we have been fed
It really is like a hole in our lives
One swiftly dug but carved out by knives.
But I have hope that those sleeping will rise
The Bible says that God will open their eyes.
No suffering, sickness, yes not even pain,
Those who did good, eternal life they’ll gain.
So… sleep on my brother, sleep tight
For now with you the sky is night.
But after night will come daybreak
Therefore I will wait hoping to see you awake.

Andrea Ogunba

Hmmm my Pastor Sola
Who would say, ‘you this ibo woman, we thought you couldn’t talk’ to me?
I always looked forward to seeing you
Your quiet disposition
You’d be quiet till I stroked you
And oh, I enjoyed stroking you
You always had the right answer for me
On and on we would go on the phone
Your brother would leave the phone for us and say when you people finish end the call
I’ll miss you
Thank you for welcoming me so warmly into the family
I remember your big brotherly advise to me the night before our wedding
‘Andrea, the wedding is just a celebration. Focus on the rest of your lives, that’s the most important’
You meant so much to me

While you were in the hospital unable to speak to anyone, I said to my husband, Whisper in his ear that we love him

What am I even typing
You probably are too busy enjoying in heaven to be bothered with this website

But, with tears in my eyes I say, this isn’t goodbye. We’ll surely see on the resurrection morning
Thank you for being such a cushion to my husband
Like the big brother you were, you put your own needs aside as you tended to us, listened to us
Hmmm those early morning calls with my husband when you both just needed to talk

Hmmmm Pastor Sola
I’ll miss you so so much
We haven’t told the children yet
We’ll try to explain to them at some point that the uncle who always went out of his way to give them a treat each time they visited has gone to be with Jesus

I don’t know what to type jo….
I’m just going back and forth
God strengthen sis layo, temij and tobi
You all were such a close family, you are simply irreplaceable
We’ll do our best to be there for them
It won’t be the same without you
But, I promise we’ll do you proud
Keep resting with Jesus
Thank you.For everything Sir.


Gbemisola Adekola

Honestly, I find it difficult to believe when I got the call about your demise. You were such a very nice pastor, brother and good friend to all. I will miss you so much. Each time you cross my mind I miss you. Rest in peace Pastor Solabomi Daniel

Kemi Adeniran

Pschols!!! We kept talking about a reunion at Aunty Ronke’s ….wow!!! I saw you at Sister Jumoke’s and we chatted and I asked you why you looked 16 and you just laughed. Pschols you were a good man and a good friend. I pray God’s comfort for Layo and the children. Rest on my brother…rest!

Lolu Oluwaniyi 

Words fail me. I only saw you very recently at Sister Jumoke’s 60th birthday zoom party, after so long…and you left! Just like that?! A very rude shock but can we question the Father? He ONLY knows why He wanted you by His side now.
Rest in perfect peace my dear brother Solabomi

Segun Oyero

Still in shock. Pastor Sola, as you’re fondly called. Your sudden demise is still surprising to us. You were such a winsome, gentle, amiable, easy going, ebullient, tranquil and Godfearing, good fellow. How, we’ll all miss those benign and charming smiles you exuded always that were reflective of your intrinsic nature. So painful you left too early and didn’t bid loved ones, “ADIEU” : “GOODBYE, FOREVER”. My prayer is: may God console all the loved ones you left behind, especially, aged mummy & your immediate family among other loved ones and give, each one of us, the fortitude to bear your loss with equanimity, in Jesus name. Amen! Tribute by: Theophilus Segun Oyero.

Ajibike Olayode

How does one say goodbye to one who is larger than life? 
My big brother, a friend, a counselor and a beacon of light for God. Your light could be seen from miles away.

I saw you sometime in January this year and I just shouted your name when I saw it was you. You froze and slowly turned back to see who had the audacity! You shook your head and we stood there for a long time just catching up. If only I knew that would be the last time I’ll see or talk with you.

We can’t question God but we give thanks for the memories and the impact you made.

Adieu Egbon

Edirin Gabriel

Pastor Sola, I am tempted to say “if this is a joke please stop it!” Alas I have pinched myself and woken up day after day to realize that this is it on this side of the divide. Oh, how much we will miss you for your great sense of humour and the joy that sparked in everyone when you stepped into the room. You were my Pastor but you became my family member over the last 21yrs that we have been acquainted. Till this day it beats me how you wound your way into my family such that my father, mother,siblings, cousins and friends all knew you and were enamored by your personality – this was P.Sholz!!!You were there for most of my pivotal moments, I gave my life to Christ because of the way you portrayed Jesus in your preaching at RFCA, after listening to you preach I would wonder if it was the same Bible I knew you were talking about because you brought the stories to life with your humour and the background of your rich life experiences. I remember that after every service I would go home and read the texts you provided for hours on end to discover that you were really telling the truth- you were a real gift to our generation! You flew in from SA for my wedding, you dedicated my baby and you stood with us and prayed for my ill father at his deathbed. Beyond these, you gave such sound advice and were always a dependable shoulder to cry on. I will miss your weekly jokes, long prayers and bible verses on my children’s birthdays and just knowing that I can pick up my phone and call to harass you anytime I feel I need to. I treasure the memory of you and look forward to seeing you again on resurrection morning when there will be no more weeping. My thoughts and prayers are with Layo, Temi, Tobi, your mum and siblings , may the good Lord uphold them through this time of difficulty and give them peace on every side. Adieu P. Sholz!! Adieu!

Olusegun Akinkugbe

Adieus Boss, thank you for being that voice of wisdom, humor and warning to me as a young man learning Christ. I met you in 1998 as Layo’s aburo and cousin, but when I left in 2006 for the Uk, you were my big brother and closest friend. With fondness I remember my rooms in your houses at Magodo and later at Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi. You both always had a room for me, food in the pot and DSTV to watch, hey, what else does a single guy need. I remember our late night conversations, arguments and wrestling fights to see who was the real “ 800 pound gorilla in the yard”. Thank you for being a blessing to me, loaning me petrol money, cinema money, girlfriend money, shawarma money and even offering money for church. You were always giving, I cannot count how many shirts of yours I took (at least I did not take the white ones, cos you loved white shirts). Thank you for letting me use your cars for my dates, especially the Camry and Sis Jumoke’s Bora. I can imagine you laughing now and yapping me. A man’s beginning goes a long way in defining him, you were a huge part of my spiritual beginning. I learnt from you that I could be spiritual, deep, natural, authentic without any religious hypocrisy at the same time. Thank you for being a real man and teacher to me.

We all miss you, I pray for Layo, Temi and Tobi. I pray I can be there for them the way you were there for me. Every time I hear Tobi’s voice i hear you in him. I know you are in your happy place now, at the presence of Christ hanging with Paul the apostle and John Wesley your guy. We will meet someday and when we meet we will hang together eternally, with proof that my scriptural interpretations were not as erroneous as you claimed.

I love you Boss and I will miss you.

Glasgow, Scotland.

Fehintola Akin-Oduwole

My precious Pastor Sola, Pastor, big brother, neighbour at Dolphin Estate. It was so nice to see you move in two doors away from us…that really made our relationship stronger…you did travel tickets for my family, I raided Layo’s kitchen, she was so involved with my bridal shower and wedding, you were also there, you visited Akin and I when I moved, you came to The Circumference when I opened it…you emptied yourself into others…this is hard to deal with o…but we will be strong because that is the best way to preserve your memory…we love you dearly, we do.

Lemuel George

You were a light to the darkness in all who came in contact with you. Your encouragement broke through every discouraged heart. You always had a word, a wisdom, a truth to share for every situation. Your cheerfulness, jokes, laughter and smiles in the face of difficult circumstances were a source of life.

Thank you for being the gift that you are. I say, are because your memory is life and remains present with us all forever.
Rest in Christ’s Bossom and bliss!!!!

Olubusola martins

Pastor Shola, you will be sorely missed. I searched for you all through the years like a needle in a haystack but sadly no one I asked knew how to reach you…. Until Edirin posted about your demise on Instagram.

It was so painful to know that I would never speak with you on earth again. You were such an ebullient soul, always looking dapper, never to be caught on fresh. I used to tease you about the number of tubers of cassava that had to be cut down in their prime just to starch your shirts.

You were very mischievous… always looking for a way to prank us when you were the pastor in charge of RFCA…. We were teenagers in our ‘know it all’ phase but you always listened to us and always had a true life story to tell to drive home your point. You had stories for days…your life experiences most of the time.

You made such an impact on me during my teenage years and laid quite a huge portion of my Christian foundation.

I pray for everyone especially Sis. Layo and the children that GOD’s peace will envelope them in this season of life. GOD has called you home and I won’t mourn but rejoice because one day we will meet again and I will laugh at your jokes.

Ajuma Ataguba


Life at best is very.brief!

Never thought you’d leave this side of the divide so soon!

Thank you for living a life of impact ; showing others the path to eternal life through Christ Jesus.

The memory of the righteous is blessed.

To die is gain to God’s kingdom and you have only crossed over in eternal rest.

See you soon at the masters feet.

Solomon Ikhioda

Your wit was a class act. You even made mischief endearing. A bloody great guy you were, Sola! Rest in your Maker. The Lord whom you loved will love Layo and the kids. Rest. And I know you’ll be laughing even more in heaven ‘cos there’ll be no more pain.

Moninuola Ekunola

You have impacted my life through d years spent with you. I never knew it will be so short a time,Bro Segun you relate with all n sundry leaving one or two memories with all. Cousin you will be miss. I pray God will uphold we that you left behind;sleep on till we meet to part no more.u will forever be in my memory