By G9ija

A man who has suffered from bullying and demeaning remarks about his 5’7 height, finally did a limb-lengthening surgery, and now he can’t get over it as people no longer cast their eyes downward to meet his.
The $75,000 surgery Scott had in January, 2022, is expected to see him get taller from about 5’7″ to 5’10”, which is about an inch taller than the average American man. It was performed by Dr. Shahab Mahboubian, an orthopedic surgeon who specialises in limb-lengthening surgery.
Before the procedure, which he described as life-changing, Scott, 25, a digital media professional, lamented that his colleagues were fond of making demeaning comments about his height, such that he couldn’t escape it as he comes across it on social media as well.

“I was not treated with respect,” Scott said. “At every single workplace I’ve been in, there’ve been several situations where people commented on my height to discredit me entirely as a person.”

Recalling an incident, Scott said a disagreement at his workplace led to a colleague snapping at him and rebutting, “Don’t be so sure of yourself, short man!”
According to him, the insults began to take their toll over the years. “I was waking up two hours before my alarm every day just to walk around the neighborhood and cry,” he said.

Lamenting how jokes on social media, particularly TikTok, about short people made him feel, Scott described the video-sharing platform as bullying, saying “I don’t know how many times I have to hit the dislike button for your algorithm to learn. I don’t want to see jokes about height. There were things throughout my day, every day, that would bother me. I felt attacked or unfairly criticized due to my height.”

Disturbed by the bullying and demeaning comments that punctured his ego on a daily basis, Scott found out that it would only cost him $75,000 to have all those changed. At that point, he knew that all that mattered to him was securing the money, and the rest would become history.

With the commitment to realise the money for the surgery, Scott, who’s bisexual started an OnlyFans page. And just a few months on the platform, he zeroed in on a niche —financial domination, a form of humiliation kink where clients pay him to degrade them for money.

Supplementing his OnlyFans earnings with some of his savings and a small loan, Scott had enough to pay for the procedure.

On how the surgery has changed his life, Scott explained that people no longer cast their eyes downward to meet his.