By G9ija

It is no longer news that a one time Governor of Lagos State and a national leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC) party has declared his intention to run for for the office of the President of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. I would be highlighting coherent reasons why my fellow Northern youths in particular and the entire Nigerian youths MUST NOT support his ambition towards becoming the President.

One issue among numerous others shrouded in mystery about the person of Tinubu is his age, some quarters mention him being born in March, 1942 (79 years of age as at today) and other quarters mention March, 1952 (69 years of age as at today) but regardless of either, we will agree that he is already old and with the current situation of the country, we have experimented with the 70years and above cadre and it did not improve anything, we need a capable young man who can handle the affairs of this nation not a mam who’s own age is a mystery to himself. If a man cannot clearly come out and clear the air on a simple issue as age, then how do we trust such person to carry on the affairs of our nation sincerely. so I ask, what is your age Sir?

This is the most important factor that should be considered when electing a leader and in this case the leader of the most populous black nation on earth. It is time we consider a technocrat to run the affairs of this nation which Tinubu is not. A man whose only role in leadership was when he held the elective post of Lagos state governor cannot be trusted with running the affairs of the entire country because even a blind man can rule Lagos state with the huge revenues it generates since time immemorial.

It is an open secret that Tinubu is seen as a godfather by lots of people in his domain. It is a widely known fact that godfatherism causes more harm than good in a society. Godfatherism is responsible for distorting the effective functioning and running of the affairs of any society due to unchecked influence of certain individuals as we can clearly see even in this current dispensation. Godfatherism is an evil building block for corruption, bad governance, political instability, retrogression, underdevelopment, mediocrity and perpetual poverty of the people and so we must not vote in a man who’s very own ways are entrenched in the ideas of godfatherism.

Tinubu is alleged to be one of the wealthiest individual in the country as seen on election eve in 2019 when bullion vans were spotted at his residence allegedly conveying undisclosed amount of cash, which begs for an honest answer to the question, How did he become so wealthy? In the words of an APC chieftain and a former Minister of State for Works, Dayo Adeyeye -Tinubu is “corruption-personified”– Nigerian Minister, the full article can be accessed online
so clearly, we would all agree that such a man is not fit to lead nor rule us.

We cannot afford to elect a person with undisclosed health issues who can barely even walk let alone carry out the rigorous function of the Office of the President.

Tinubu does not care about we youths, we saw this during the #EndSARS protest were he clearly was only concerned with his business and wealth and not about issues worrying the youths, and also during the twitter ban when he was also silent when he knows that twitter is a platform when numerous youth earn a living doing business there. With the rate of youths unemployed, it will be foolish to support a man who does not care about us and our welfares. We need a leader who can guarantee us an enabling environment to grow our ideas and work comfortably.

With all this, it is high time we elect a leader regardless of tribe, religion or region, we cannot with our own hands move from fry pan to fire, another eight years is coming, we should make it right. Samarin Arewa mu farka daga bacin nan, mu zaba wanda zai mana aiki, wanda zai cire mu daga yanayin da muke ciki.