By G9ija

For a long while especially since 1999, Lagos had been under a siege and you ask, what siege? Siege of bad roads, abandoned structures, dearth of good leadership, chronic godfatherism, lack of basic amenities that befit a city of Lagos status, gangsterism/cultism/thuggery in our streets, insecurities, epileptic power supply in a city ripe enough to own her electricity, bad transportation systems and other vices that shouldn’t be named in a city as rich as Lagos.

Nevertheless, considering these longterm pains Lagosians have bored all through the years, fate choose to bring to us an Omoluabi of Eko Akete, a true born Lagosian with his roots and history etched in the creation of Lagos. A born Prince of where Lagos was carved out, Badagry, and a pleasing personality with knack for quality services and administration, his name, Prince Adewale Francis Gomez. A widely traveled man with business investments across the globe, an experienced and professional administrator, a politician with class who is bringing his wealth of experience to better the lives of the entire citizens of Lagos. A man that has no tribal sentiments but a complete unifier with a mission to make Lagos the best city in Africa and one of the best in the world where we all will be proud of and that which works for all.

This is the man you all have been waiting for and the man we want as our next Governor of Lagos State. Brace yourself up and be counted as one of Gomez Moving Train as you get ready your PVC and if you are yet to get one, visit the nearest INEC office around your location to register for one now. This is the 3rd phase of PVC registration by INEC, kindly do your path now while you spread the news of *Gomez is coming around!*

Keep talking about Gomez, keep sharing his good deeds across, we are almost there.