By G9ija

Yesterday interview has been generating a lot of heat, but the one that got me thinking the most, is this economy question, where data are read and how Buhari answered it.
He didn’t even believe the national data.
Its sad, Nigeria has a president who answer question like this.
Its a disgrace to us as the biggest black country.
Just see what he said afterwards- talking about farming, when statistical question is asked.

is Farming the solution to all problems?
In a saner climes, our president may not become a ward counsellor.

Mr President, Our DEBT RATIO in 2015 was about N12 TRILLION, NOW it’s about N32 TRILLION.

INFLATION RATE was about 9% in 2015, Now, it’s sitting at about $15%. UNEMPLOYMENT RATE was about 8.19%, but Now, it’s about 33.2%.

EXCHANGE RATE was about N197 to a Dollar k, but NOW, it’s Way OVER N400 Naira (Government-Regulated Rate).
So, Nigerians will Look • back Economically & Say – BEFORE you took office in 2015, most of these INDICES were FAIR, but NOW, the INDICES & FIGURES are NOT Friendly AT ALL.
PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI – Well, I am NOT sure How correct the Calculations are, but All I know is that We have to Allow People to get Access to the FARMS, We just have to go back to the FARMS.

I am not sure how correct your calculations are- President Buhari responds after he was told that the dollar, unemployment rates, and others have increased after he took over office in 2015