By G9ija

An award, sometimes called a distinction, according to Wiki’ description is something given to a recipient as a token of recognition of excellence in a certain field.
However, dated back in the late 14th century from Anglo-French awarder ‘eswarder’ later coined into acceptable English term ‘award’, has been a source of global recognition for merits.

When Newsland integrated Media Services set to embrace that business of honouring merits, one pivotal focus on their mind was ‘the youth’.

The Chief Executive Officer, Newsland Integrated Media Services, Emmanuel Anabueze in this chat, spoke about what inspired his delve into awards.

There are several awards given to individuals, corporate and private bodies, but in my own case, I chose rewarding the young ones among us after thoughtful deliberations on how to enhance, inspire and promote the positive works of the youths who impact lives.

Today, you can observe that the youth, not only gone digital, but has also impacted the society with positivities in all fields of life, despite the bad eggs among them. Some are into hi-tech, industries, some are into entertainment and art, yet added to it is the humanitarian aspect of reaching out to the indigent people in the society.

The humanitarian awards is designed to reward these young people in the age bracket of 40 years and below who are doing well in different profession and careers, and have developed foundations for humanitarian purposes.

Newsland Integrated Media Services was established in 2016 and have been very active in image branding and social services. The company, having recognized the importance of image boosting decides to project the enviable works of the youths through award recognition. Under this platform, a celebrity magazine was created in respect of showcasing this crusaders of humanitarian gesture called, “Humanitarian Magazine.”

The award event which comes up on January 5, 2022 in Awka, Anambra State capital will coincidentally heralds the launch of the maiden edition of the magazine. In the second quarter of the year, the award train will move to Lagos and thereafter, features in Abuja, the federal capital in the fourth quarter of the year.

The magazine will extensively focus on the humanitarian works of selected individuals within the bracket of potential awardees and other features. The essence of this is to showcase their impact and also to encourage others to embrace the humanitarian work as a virtue. This will also encourage them to do more and never stop giving to the society.

We intend to recorganize young people from different geographical regions in the country. Within the 6 geo-political zone in Nigeria, the youths, if I may say are the economic powerhouse. The group must be showcased and encouraged.

Humanitarian services and philanthropy is one of the biggest part of life that has helped nations a lot. Government on their own cannot do it alone. Private individuals must be involved in the developmental process of any country. And there are areas begging for assistance, such education, health, capacity building for vocational careers among others.