By G9ija

Salihu Lukman, director-general of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF), says the “good works” of the Mai Mala Buni-led All Progressives Congress (APC) national caretaker committee will be eroded if they stay beyond February.

In an open letter addressed to APC leaders on Monday, Lukman said there is a need to bequeath a “functional, responsive and representative” party to Nigerians.

The PGF director-general also said the ruling party is the only political organisation that is trying to be responsive to the citizens.

“A lot of things are happening in many states with grave consequences to the electoral fortunes of the party. To be fair to His Excellency, Mai Mala Buni and the CECPC, within their limited capacities, they have taken some initiatives,” the letter reads.

“All the good work of the CECPC under His Excellency, Mai Mala, is about to be destroyed once it yields to the temptation of staying longer than February 2022.

“At this point, His Excellency, Mai Mala, party leaders and indeed all members of the party need to be reminded that the one most important political legacy, which we must all support President Buhari to bequeath to the nation, is a functional, responsive and representative party.

“At the moment, no registered political party in the country is functionally responsive and representative.

“The truth is that all parties function only as platforms for election. The APC is about the only party that has been going through internal contests to make it functionally responsive and representative.”

Lukman added that party leaders and members must see “the bigger picture” and work for the unity of the APC.

“The only reason why some leaders, perhaps including the members of CECPC, are attracted to campaign for postponement for the Convention is the deceptive belief that any candidate who emerges, whether elected or imposed on the party, can win the 2023 elections. This is a big lie,” he said.

“We must also appeal to the Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC) to ensure that the February 2022 Convention is not just about electing national working committee (NWC) members.

“There must be some reflections about the challenges facing the country, with priority focus on problems of insecurity, rebuilding public education and health through mobilisation of massive financial investment in these sectors.”