By G9ija

Chief Sunny Onuesoke is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former governorship aspirant in Delta State. In this interview with TEMIDAYO AKINSUYI, he speaks on his expectations from President Muhammadu Buhari in 2022, Electoral Act Amendment Bill and issues surrounding the forthcoming general elections. Excerpts:

What are your expectations from President Muhammadu Buhari in the new year?

Unfortunately, President Buhari has a penchant for dashing the expectations of Nigerians. This he has proven year in and year out since 2015. At this point there is really not much to be expected from a president that has consistently disappointed the people without showing any sign or remorse to do better next time. Going forward, I hope year 2022 would offer the president the opportunity to reflect on some his actions in the outgoing year that made life difficult for the people. President Buhari must shelve any plan of fuel hike in this year, reconsider his decision not to sign the amended electoral bill to pave the way for a free, fair and transparent election in 2023 and put on hold every form of borrowing this new year. Enough of the mortgaging of our collective future and that of future generations.

Do you see any major defections taking place in 2022 ahead of the 2023 general elections?

Being a penultimate year to the general elections in 2023, there will definitely be massive defections among politicians seeking for the best possible platform to pursue their aspiration which may not necessary be for the interest of the people. Defections would occur in both the ruling APC and the leading opposition party, PDP, all in a bid by politicians to outsmart one another.

There has been a back and forth between the Presidency and National Assembly over the Electoral Act amendment bill. Do you see President Buhari signing it into law?

One thing that would put the president In the good books of Nigerians is to sign the electoral bill. But unfortunately, President Buhari has on several occasions proven to Nigerians that he is not a man of integrity, hence I don’t see him assenting to that bill. Remember in 2015 he also refused to sign the amended electoral bill into law and yet again we are faced with such scenario again, why do you think he would sign it? I wanted him to sign it but I doubt if he will do so.

Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi recently said that the money left behind by former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 could not last Nigeria for three weeks. Do you agree with him on this?

I strongly believe that Amaechi’s outbursts against former President Goodluck Jonathan is to divert attention from the failure of his Ministry, principal and party, the APC. He said the money left behind for Nigeria by former President Goodluck Jonathan at the point of his departure on May 29, 2015 was not enough to run the affairs of the country for three weeks. He also said bandits and all these people that kill is a question about poverty which did not start in the present of the present administration. I make bold to say that the allegation against Jonathan has no iota of truth but an attempt to divert attention of Nigerians from the failure of this present administration. It is also a move to tarnish the good image of former President Jonathan and PDP administration. If Amaechi says that the money left behind by the ex-President couldn’t sustain Nigeria for three weeks, where do they see monies they have been using to sustain the economy for the past years they have been in government?

It is embarrassing that a government that has ruled for two terms keep on blaming a government that ruled for only one term. When will the present government stop the blame game and concentrate on fulfilling the promises they made to Nigerians? How does a two term President keep blaming a one term President? It makes me feel they know they have failed hence the resort to heaping blame on Jonathan. They keep on blaming Jonathan because they see their failures staring them in the face.