By G9ija

Another prominent Nigerian has joined the voices calling for home investment initiative. This is the practice of thinking home with investment in critical sectors in mind so as to help reduce insecurity  via sustainable employment opportunities through agriculture, ICT,  manufacturing and education. A nationalist and successful businessman, Senator Athan Achonu in his new year message has been propagating what he termed Aku Ruó Ulò, a ‘think global, build local’ ideology that positions the Igbo Nation as a critical, growth driven, technologicaly versed, wealth creating and industrialized population. According  to him, this is a reminder of the authentic ingenuity of the South Easterners, built on the ‘gather to build’ ideology rather than that of ‘scatter’.
The Mission,  in the words of Senator Athan Achonu, Ikemba, Aku Ruo Ulo  is designed to promote to the global community, an emerging market economy that will transition from a low- income- underdeveloped- neglected economy towards an industrialized economy that focuses on quality education, agriculture, IT, security, manufacturing with modern standards in a 4th Industrial Generation.
Akuruoulo is built on 7 Key Focal Areas which include
Security, Infrastructure, Education, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Employment and Leadership. Only recently,
The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council, OYC, threw its weight behind Senator Athan Achonu, an igbo leader over his ongoing campaign for a united Igbo region. “Aku ruo ulo” simply means, invest in your home to promote employment and develop the area.