Nigerians mostly residents of Lagos are discussing housing in the city and people have shared some of the unusual houses they have come across on the media. They shared these narrow houses built closely together in Lagos Island but one particular house stood out as people wondered how tenants are supposed to move around the house.
Others pointed out that anyone living in the house will have to watch their weight to be able to fit into the house.

The “slim-fitted” three-storey building is on Lagos Island. The narrow house which had “Ayinde Villa” written boldly on it, was built closely between two other houses.

The post has caused a huge stir online as people  wonder what the interior looks like and how tenants are supposed to move around in their apartments.
Someone tweeted, “Na by force to build house for Lagos island? What is this now?If you live in this kind of house, you have to watch what you eat so you dont grow fat.