By G9ija

Nigerian lawyer and activist, Modupe “Moe” Odele (@mochievous) was one of the leaders and financiers of the End SARS protests. She represented protesters who were arrested due to the End SARS protests and helped them get bail. She is also a member of the Feminist Coalition (FEMCO) which received bitcoin donations for the protest. Some people (both protesters and government supporters) have accused FEMCO of a failure to account for all the funds that were donated.

Her bank account was frozen and she was placed on a watchlist at the end of 2020 and this prevented her from celebrating her birthday in Dubai as she had planned (her passport was seized by the Immigration Service at the airport because she was on a watchlist). The actions of the government led to an uproar on Twitter back then.

In 2021 she decided to sell her furniture and tour the world.

Yesterday morning she announced on her Twitter account that she had been arrested by the Kenyan police in Nairobi. She said that she was assaulted at her hotel and so she called the police, but when they arrived they arrested her rather than arresting the culprit.

Some of her supporters immediately tweeted at government agencies and officials like the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Mrs Abike Dabiri that they should help her. Some other Nigerians who have contacts in Kenya were trying to mobilise their contacts to assist her.

However, there have been disagreements among supporters of the government. Some supporters of the government claim that Modupe Odele has always criticised Nigeria and the Nigerian Government and therefore the government should not help her. They say that Femco and the United States should be the ones to assist her (they claim that she once boasted that she has dual citizenship and so nothing can happen to her).

Other supporters of the government say that the government must help her, no matter what she has done in the past, because she is a Nigerian citizen.

Some people are also happy about what has happened to her because they claim that she is a bully. They say that she is always reporting people who disagree with her to their employers and trying to get people sacked. For example, they say that she tried to get The Lazy Chef deported from Dubai just because he had a dispute with a Big Brother Naija contestant.