By G9ija

Chelsea winger, Callum Hudson-Odoi, is proud to play with his former academy teammates for the first team.

Hudson-Odoi is back in Champions League action against Juventus.

“We’ve all had our own different journeys to playing in the first team,” he said in tonight’s match programme, “so when everyone came back together there was a feeling of joy because you knew that you’d put in a lot of work as a group during your Academy days.

“Then to win something major, such as the Champions League, together, for the club we’d grown up at and been with our whole lives – that’s a dream come true. I think a lot of people wouldn’t understand it, unless you’ve grown up with the players you then play with at first-team level. It’s an amazing feeling, first of all, to play with all of them, but then winning something so big with them was just something completely different.

“The maturity levels are just mad – you just look at them and think, “You’ve changed a lot since when I was playing with you in those times!”