By G9ija


The inks of history has it that Nigeria as a country has suffered series of injuries inflicted on it, ignorantly in certain cases and in some by selfish and self centred individuals, whose only interests is their selves and members of their immediate families and friends. These injuries have continued to suck and drain the green blood of our dear nation, starving various  regions of the country in-terms of peace, security, education and infrastructural development.

Nigeria has a shot at nurturing and healing these injuries only if the voters see beyond mere peanuts and put their futures first, if long-term investment is chosen over a token. Nigerians need to vote a president that has national acceptance, a man whose impacts, benevolence and outreach has traversed all nooks and crannies of this country, a man whose name and political ideologies are not new, rather are blue print to modern day democracy in Nigeria and overseas.

Since the unity & sovereign existence of Nigeria is not negotiable, the AREWA YOUTH ALLIANCE FOR TINUBU as  inheritors and beneficiaries of over 60 years of independence and 22 of fluent and un- interrupted democracy, we owe it to this generation as our patriotic duty, to bring to the consciousness of the general populace a man who fit in this description, a one in a million like never before, a nationalist who feels at home in any part of this country.

The current visit of the National leader of the APC, an iconic, revered and most celebrated leader, the JAGABAN, ASIWAJU Ahmed Bola Tinubu to Kano state to pay his condolences to Alh. Aliko Dangote over the demise of his brother is a living testimony and evidence of the fact that ASIWAJU is the only candidate fitting in those shoes. 

The reception the national leader received and the presence of different calibre of important men proves it all. The Executive Governor, his Deputy, Speaker of the Kano state House of Assembly, SSG, State APC Chairman, SA’s, Honourable commissioners, other top Government officials  and indeed the entire structure of APC Kano state were all there to welcome the National leader.

The chants, songs of praises and encomiums were all over the Mallam Aminu Kano’s international Airport, it suddenly felt like an incumbent president visiting a state, one could not help but rush to the thinking that the only thing between the ASIWAJU and seat of Presidency is time. 

This kind of reception is obtainable for sons of the state, Indeed ASIWAJU is HOME FAR AWAY FROM HOME. He pulls this kind of crowd or even larger ones anywhere he visits in the country, Nigeria is home to ASIWAJU, Nigerians need ASIWAJU because of his sagacity, tenacity, ingenuity, and long outstanding years of experience built in politics cut across the entire country.

The National leader, ASIWAJU Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the reckoning Nigeria needs to mend and permanently close all injuries, to put the past behind us and look forward to the future with renewed hope, vision and purpose for all.