By G9ija

Four out of nine women vying for the governorship seat on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party in Ekiti State have been cleared by the Ekiti Gubernatorial Screening Committee led by Ahmed Makarfi, to participate in the primary billed for January 2022.

The four women are Princess Adekemi Adewunmi, Efon local government, Sen. Biodun Olujimi, Ekiti East and two others. They are among the 12 aspirants, men and women presently vying for the seat in Ekiti State.

We gathered that, an unprecedented nine female aspirants were screened on Monday November 8, 2021.

Subsequently, on November 15, 2021, four out of the nine women were cleared to run alongside eight men vying for the same position.

Speaking with WO, one of the aspirants, Princess Adekemi Adewunmi, in a phone interview, disclosed that the challenges in the political era for women are enormous.

According to her, women have been faced with challenges in the political space.

However, she urged that the challenges should not pull down any woman from running for any political position.

“You have to push yourself and keep going, I joined PDP in 1998. There are lots of frustrations but if you are determined, you will scale through.

“My take is that what a man can do, a woman can also do. We have women of integrity, women that can make things happen. They just need to be given the opportunity.

“Most of the time, women are asked to step down or step aside. The question is, who determines the best candidate? The constitution says anyone that has charisma to perform.

“I have passed through different political stages and I believe it is time for me to go for the governorship position. I want to be the voice of the voiceless.

“There are many children on the street and you are pained in your heart. There is anger, depression, desperation. These children need assistance.

“The mothers are the ones feeling the pains the most and that is why, I want to be a voice for the voiceless.

“It is very wrong for anyone to endorse a candidate who is not the people’s mandate.

“There are lots of injustice, impunity and imposition which every woman must stand up to condemn.

“Women should come together and stop fighting themselves. We should push forward to overcome gender inequality in the political space.

“There is no harm in trying and making a statement. It is only God who determines the winner in the race”, she said.

Speaking on the relationship with other aspirants, she said, “Senator Olujimi is my sister and I respect her. She is my leader and friend. Kolawole who has been endorsed by former Ayodele Fayose is my cousin. Let the best person win.

“They are all gladiators and they have their political structures and I have mine as well” she insists.

Asked why women cannot support one woman in politics, she said, “I believe, the leadership of the party will still call us and we will take it up from there.

“Definitely, it is not a do or die affair. I am ready to work with whoever wins.

“If we go for the primary in January, that will be a determinant to who will be the flag bearer.

“I believe, a woman can become a governor in Ekiti State. It might be difficult but there is nothing God cannot do.

“Politics is to be people’s servant. And it is better to make friends in politics than to build enemies around yourself”, she concluded.