By G9ija

The Chairman, Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON), Mr John Ugbe, has called for innovations that would aide to address various challenges militating against revenue generation and growth of the media and advertising industry in Nigeria.

Ugbe made the call in Abuja during a courtesy visit to the Registrar/CEO of Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), Dr Olalekan Fadolapo, and commended the council for the introduction of some new policies.

He noted that the industry could not grow without advertising and expressed optimism that the policies would help resolve long problems of the industry.

Declaring BON’s support to Advertising Industry Standard of Operating Procedure (AISOP) policy, he added that the organisation is ready to partner with APCON on this and other policies to ensure its beneficial to all the parties.

He said: “I spoke about the debt of our advertising industry, and I don’t see how smaller African countries, some smaller than Nigeria will have a deeper advertising industry than us here. And some of it may be due to this longstanding industry debt. Being an advertiser, I see another problem, I think some reaction to some of the policies you tried to put in place, shows that the problem has to be tackled from different perspectives. I think if these policies are well implemented, it will be very helpful to all the media organizations. So the entire ecosystem will really benefit from it.

“We also think it’s important to get to good standard measurements. We know that in an attempt at fixing this, but we also know there have been several conversations from members of BON because we think the problem is not yet well addressed.

“I think BON also feel every solution should not become a revenue-generating opportunity from the industry because the industry as it is, is already suffering. However, there’s a commitment from BON to come to the table to get that measurement in place because at the end of the day it pushes our members to excel. BON is in full support Advertising Industry Standard of Operating Procedure (AISOP) that was recently introduced. We think it’s a landmark and we love to work with APCON.

“We will like to work with APCON to look at any other innovations that will come into the industry and bring about positive developments in the media industry in Nigeria.”

On his part, APCON Registrar/CEO, Dr Olalekan Fadolapo, who underscored the importance of revenue to the survival of the media industry operating in the country, called for synergy among the actors in the industry.

Fadolapo said: “I have had reasons to tell people that advertising-income is primarily to the goal concern of any media house. Be it broadcast or print. It’s very strategic. For the private sector, most percentage of their income depends on advertising. I have been in this industry for over two decades. And I’m a part of different reforms. The major problem of the industry firstly is debt. It’s a tripod; you have the client, agencies and media. The media are at the mercy of both the client and agencies. We want this industry moved from unstructured to structured, so must have rules, regulations and a framework that will guide the operations.

“Few things I think affect the broadcast media is the regulation of media rates. Before now, before October 6, if a media house chooses to increase its media rates, the advertisers will say no we will determine your rates for you. And we will determine how far we can go. So what’s APCON saying? Media houses should be free to determine their rates. It’s a free market economy. Nobody sits down and determine what rates advertisers’ sells their products. If you look at the system very well media houses are dying. The ones that are existing are in a coma. So should we fold our arms and allow everything to go? We are not the primary regulator of the media, but should not sit down and allow this. So if you people have the freedom to decide what you’re selling, the other people should also have the freedom to decide how much they want to sell.”