By G9ija

Embattled Chief Executive Officer of Benignant Forte Limited, Philip Akor, has been caught and arrested by the police. The man who has been at large after defrauding his investors of their hard-earned money was arrested and has been kept in police custody.

Philip took to his heels after he failed to return his investor’s capital and Return on Investment, ROI, to them.

He had earlier promised to return the capital and ROI to investors after he was called out by fans of the company’s ambassador, Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha also known as Warripikin.

He remitted money to some investors but later absconded when he could no longer refund their remaining capital.

The Nigeria Police force has also advised victims of the Investment scheme to call Ofili Maureen Oby, Behind Bar Director of the police for further steps to be taken. As the police are ready to ensure those involved in the scheme do not escape justice.

It would be recalled that fans of Warripikin took to their social media space to call out the comedienne after Benignant Forte Limited failed to remit their ROI.

They alleged that the comedienne connived with Philip to defraud them. They stressed that they jumped on the Investment scheme because of the trust they have in the comedienne.

Anita Asuotta thereafter made a video where she exonerated herself from the allegations. She stated that she is also a victim of the scheme as the 10million she got as the ambassadorial fee was invested back to the company.

Anita Asuotta also contacted Philip Akor before he absconded. He promised to refund investors funds but eventually failed to.