By G9ija

A Professor of Dance Studies at the Performing Arts Department in the Faculty of Arts,  University of Ilorin, Professor Jeleel Olasunkanmi Ojuade has said that whoever that wishes to live long should indulge in regular dancing. 

He also tasked government at all levels  to beam their searchlights on establishing 

 Dance Hub at different strata of  society in order to serves as huge source of revenue generation to meet their financial obligations. 

Ojuade, President, Association of Dance Scholars and Practitioners of Nigeria (ADSPON) said this in Ilorin on Thursday.

when he delivered  208th Inaugural lecture of the University  held at at the Main Auditorium of the university.

The theme of the inaugural lecture is entitled,  “Dance is Life, Life is Dance: A Cyclical Nature of Man on Earth”. 

He  stressed the need,” to take advantage of the health benefits accrued  to dancing to stay healthy through regular dance activities which will; improve the condition of human heart and lungs; increase aerobic fitness; improve music tone and strength; gives one better coordination, agility and flexibility and give  longer life.”

On establishing Dancing Hub by governments to serve as revenue generation, he said , “by the time the government at all levels put this in place(Dance hub), a lot of revenue will accrue from this outing and this will complement the government efforts to meet the needs of the people in the area of provision of social services to the people”.

Outside serving as generating revenues for the government, Ojuade said, establishing Dance Hub will also  serve as  tourists and  training centres for the people.

The university don who is also a Festac ‘77 Child Dancer  noted further  that, “Dancing is not to be seen as a fun but it must be tapped to generate funds that would assist the government to add more values to the populace”.

The university don also urged government at various levels to ensure the documentation of cultural dances through the establishment of documentation centres.

Ojuade however warned against debasing our culture, saying , “Let us desist from debasing our dance culture. It has been flagrantly reduced to campaign activities or pleasurable act. ‘our dances represent our life’ and deserves better treatment”

He also  stressed the need for dance experts and practitioners to be accorded diplomatic treatment in order to reduce stress in procuring travelling documents 

Ojuade also said, ” There is the need for research funding in the areas of dance studies and practice.

“Efforts should be made to further organize international festivals, performances, exhibition where our dances can be showcased. 

Ojuade further  urged the federal government to reconsider the separation of the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism from being merged with another entity.

He pointed out that, it would be plausible to create a tripod stand involving traditional institutions and the academia and  such partnership would enhance the preservation of our culture including the dance

He also urged the Federal Ministry of Education and other organ agencies to reconsider the teaching and study of history, culture, museum and monuments as part of the curriculum.

He maintained  that, “a society devoid of history is on the verge of collapse.

“And this lecture serves as a wake-up call to the agencies of Culture to act as ‘store-house’ and ably document African Arts and Culture in order to be able ‘train the trainers’ in the Diaspora based on ‘authentic documentations”.