By G9ija

Citizens take part in a rally to support the Bolivarian revolution, London, U.K., 2021.

On Thursday, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro announced that his administration will create a “rapid action fund” so that the 23 governors and 335 mayors to be chosen in the Nov. 21 elections can resolve problems the citizenry poses to them without any hindrance. 

“All resources needed to develop this initiative have been already allocated. Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and I are working closely on it,” Maduro assured and stressed the importance of listening to the citizenry demands to strengthen democracy.

“The new strategy will also bring better times for Venezuelans, who have suffered the impact of the U.S. economic blockade amid the pandemic,” he stressed, recalling that this coercive policy has caused over US$63 billion lost in his country’s food, health, transportation, communications, and technology sectors.

Amid this situation, the Maduro administration has yet managed to give food vouchers to over 7,5 million vulnerable families and advances in the massive COVID-19 vaccination, thanks to which over 32,2 have been fully immunized against the disease.

“I wish that the United States realizes that imposing coercive measures against Venezuela or any other nation is a wrong route that brings it contempt and shame amongst the international community,” Maduro stated and urged all Venezuelan adult citizens to vote in the upcoming elections.

After years of boycotting the democratic process in Venezuela, opposition parties and candidates will openly participate in this process. These political forces presented 66,000 candidates while the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) presented 3,082 candidates.

“On behalf of the Venezuelan people, we applaud your participation in these elections and urge you to continue competing for power democratically, as you should always have done,” Maduro concluded.