By G9ija

Elenu has called out popular Fuji singer, Kwam 1, on social media for a refund of monies paid for a performance he did not show up for.

Newsmen had reported that Kwam 1 is under fire after a promoter accused him of refusing to refund payments for a show he missed in the United States.

The promoter alleged that the singer failed to honour his obligation to perform in the US for his planned music tour.

Reacting, Kwam 1 had explained that the band with which he was to perform experienced visa delays in Nigeria. He also reassured his clients that the US tour had not been cancelled as widely rumoured.

However, Elenu took to Instagram to kick against the explanation presented by Kwam 1.

The comedian stated that the claims made by the singer differ from those made by his manager.

Elenu wrote: “I grew up rocking and Loving your music with very high esteem but you guys need to stop with all this BS you got going on.

“Your manager @orbitent_ Mike Fash said and I quote, Alhaji wants everybody to be vaccinated before you guys can travel that is what Mike told me. And it was confirmed on your page.

“Coming here to now start speaking English. I paid you guys thousands of $$ and your daft manager Mike still hasn’t told me to date that visa was the problem cause he knows the contract he signed with me.

“Instead, he claims it is because you want the entire band to be vaccinated. I want my money back. You guys can as well sell the ATL show to whoever but I will be refunded and in full. I have no time for Rada Rada.”