By G9ija

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation-Americas (NIDOA) on Wednesday have called on compatriots to sheath their differences and unite to foster meaningful economic growth of their fatherland.

The Nigerians in Diaspora spoke in a telephone-conference interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, on the backdrop of the reconciliation meeting between members of NIDOA and NIDO-U.S.

The meeting resulted in a communiqué jointly signed by Dr Eromonsele Idahosa, Chairman NIDOA-U.S.A, Mr Lee Kareem, Secretary-General NIDOA, Ms Patience Key, Executive Director of NIDOA and Mr Obed Monago, Chairman of NIDOA.

Those who spoke commended the meeting initiative to have marked new turn for Nigerians living abroad to be more patriotic in their dealings after three years.

Key said: “We are actually the organisation that others look up to see how we can form formidable force on ways to move our nation forward.

“Differences can affect our relationship and other business enterprises in Nigeria; from now we can work out modalities together to affect our fatherland positively and boost its economic growth.

“Coming together will further bring respect to us as NIDO, Nigerians and Nigeria at large.”

Idahosa on his part, said: “There are lots of things that we could do to help the Federal Government achieve growth in the country but holding to differences is not good.

“We had gone to Court in America, and we just felt that this is not good for our country and Nigerians, now that we have agreed to achieve a common cause, we are prepared to play vital roles to uplift Nigeria.”
Dr Yinka Tella, the Public Relations Officer NIDOA-U.S.A., stressed that any group that is divided against itself cannot grow, saying the reconciliation is apt to unite Nigerians at home and abroad.

According to him, 461,695 U.S. residents were reported to be of Nigerian ancestry based on the 2019 American community report.

“Our desire is to continue to reconcile all our differences at home and abroad, and build our national economy collectively,” Tella said.

In the same vein, Dr Ezekiel Macham, former Vice-President of NIDOA-BoT, said that the coming together of Nigerians abroad was a dream come true, in the efforts to develop the country.

“Unity means progress and what NIDOA is doing to bring our members together, is a right step in the right direction, to foster rapid growth of our fatherland.

“We will stay focused to achieve targets, to make positive differences in all areas of our national economy and to portray Nigeria as a people united in justice and equity,” Macham said.

Similarly, Mr Obed Monago commended government and the diplomatic community for their efforts to ensure such steps were taken to strengthen unity among Nigerians.

“The meeting shows high level of maturity among Nigerians and our coming together will bring about collective benefit amongst Nigerians abroad to also contribute their quota to nation building,” Monago said.

Meanwhile, Prof. Apollos Nwauwa, former Secretary General of NIDOA-U.S.A., extolled the meeting to have raised hope about Nigeria’s path to greatness, in lieu of the 61st Independence Anniversary.

Nwauwa said: “This is one of the best things to happen, because if we are divided nothing can work, but with our coming together in unity, our country will wax economically strong.

“This is a great opportunity for us to fashion ways to achieve greater feats for our fatherland and it must reflect in all aspect of our economy.”

High point of the meeting was their agreement to withdraw all lawsuits involving NIDOA-NIDOA U.S.A. members from the courts, after due consultations with their respective lawyers, among others.