By G9ija

Exhibitors at the 16th Abuja International Trade Fair have expressed satisfaction with adequate facility put in place by the fair organisers but recommended that publicity should be prioritised in the next edition.

The fair, organised by the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) from Sept. 30 to Oct. 11, had its theme as “Exploring the Opportunities of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA)”.

The exhibitors, speaking with the News Agency Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, commended the provision of adequate facility, conveniences, power and security which made the fair hitch-free.

They, however, noted that effective publicity, which was critically needed for increased customers awareness and turnout, should be addressed properly in the next edition by ACCI.

Mr Isaac Oladipupo, Sales Promoter of Hero Hunters, which sells motorcycles, praised the organisers for adequate security provided at the venue.

‘The trade fair is located at a strategic place which has promoted accessibility for customers. Our goods are properly secured, without any record of damage or loss throughout the fair, which is very impressive,” he said.

According to him, the trade fair has been a centre for connecting with present and prospective buyers, so utmost publicity in future fair should be adhered to.

Oladipupo noted that the trade fair should not only be about the profit made immediately but the awareness created for products which would lead to an increase in sales after the fair should be considered.

Speaking on challenges, he decried the low turnout which he said could be as a result of present economic situation in Nigeria but called for proper event timing which should be dated during festive period to improve patronage.

Mr Mohammad Ummar, Marketing Manager of Welco Industries, a foreign company which produces natural and oil free cooking wares, also lamented the poor publicity, and urged ACCI to improve on that.

Mrs Anu Oduwapo, Owner of Avila Naturalle Skin Care Products who was a first timer, expressed delight over the organisation but strongly called for more sensitisation and awareness in future fairs.

She emphasised that she took to social media to advertise her products at the trade fair online via Instagram and Facebook among others which facilitated the patronage she recorded from customers who sought for her.

Meanwhile, Mr Busari Adebare, the Trade Marketing Officer of NASCO Group, described the fair as a platform beyond sales which connected people from different racial and tribal backgrounds.

‘The fair draws people from all walks of life and encourages interaction between traders and consumers. The fair also exposed customers to other NASCO products apart from cornflakes and biscuits,” he said.

Adebare acknowledged the creation and maintenance of facilities like the toilets which made trading convenient for exhibitors.

Mr Emmanuel Popoola, Marketing Manager of Lush Hair, who commended the smooth allocation of land for structure also noted that awareness on the fair was low as compared with Lagos trade fair hence it affected sales negatively.

Popoola suggested that more awareness and jingles should be created months before the scheduled date of the fair through popular broadcast stations.

Mr Abramham Avyoko, Sales Manager for November Cubes who called for proper sanitation in next edition, added that the fair really created awareness on its brand and he promised to participate in 2022 because of its benefits.