Evicted Big Brother Naija housemate Nini has said that she has never had thoughts of going into a relationship with her love interest Saga.

Nini and Saga were some of the closest housemates in the Big Brother Naija house. They were literally seen together almost every day. Saga was seen following Nini inside the house and they even shared the same bed together.

After their eviction, they have been going on media tours all over the country. In one of her interviews, Anita Singh known well as Nini stated that she has no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship with Saga.

“Saga and I have not had any conversation about dating each other, so I have not thought about it. But, if we ever get to have that conversation: maybe I would see our friendship in that light. In terms of qualities, I like about him, Saga is very attentive, caring, and very intelligent. He is also very funny and spontaneous” she said.