By G9ija

Mr Bimbo Daramola, former member, House of Representatives has stressed the need for reward of excellence in Nigeria Skits Creative Industry (NSIA) to boost national growth.

Skits are short informal performances intended to educate or disseminate useful information.

Daramola, who gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday, in Abuja, said that there was no better way to unite a people, particularly Nigerians, than with a good story.

According to him, good stories through creative skits is key to fast track creativity as tool to drive national consciousness, not just in the entertainment industry and promote self-reliance

Daramola said, “Skit producers have shown clearly that they are people who are creative; therefore, their recognition of the impact they have brought into the entertainment industry.

“We believe that by rewarding excellence Skit industry, other people will begin to harness their creative techniques in sport, Information Technology and others, rather than think nothing good comes out of themselves.

“Skits presentation has a component of national unity through humour, which does not recognize tribe, political, religious or ethnic differences.

“Skits creativity can equally be used to contribute towards national healing, unity and birthing of strong narratives about Nigerians home and abroad.

“So, rewarding excellence in NSIA will become an annual thing to encourage more people to use creative skits to portray a good image about Nigeria.”

He disclosed that measures had been put in place to officially host NSIA on Nov. 30, in Lagos and subsequently organise Skits festival in 2022.

He mentioned that the celebration would further help to close mentoring gaps between old and young people and foster an agenda for other nations to key into Nigeria’s creative industry.

“The award is in recognition of young Nigerians who are passionate, determined and have impacted positively in the entertainment landscape through audio-visual skits, thereby uniting our world.

“People who have demonstrated courage in the face of fear; commitment in weariness and purposefulness despite challenges, to showcase the real nature of Nigerians

“They have become part of our lives individually and corporately, they make us laugh, happy, use skits creatively to satirically eradicate ills and make our society better.

“People who made something out of nothing in Skit industry and earned livelihood legitimately; those who represent Nigeria in ways we see, so now is time to acknowledge and reward them,” he added.

He, however, said that the award would be carried out in 19 different categories, adding that selection of winners would be based on public vote.