By G9ija

We hope you do not encounter anyone in this category on Sunday, October 3, 2021. Expect them to come with knives, swords, handcuffs, and fire to attack you if your favorite isn’t crowned the winner of the show.

They are loyalists to the core and nothing can move them. You’ll find them dropping banging lines like ‘the goal is to win in life.’ After watching the grand finale all they’ll have left to say is, ‘we move!’

Even if they didn’t follow the show at all, trust them to say, ‘I knew it!’ once the winner is announced during the live show. Oshey ominiknowest, we hail thee.

These ones like to feel cool and unbothered. So while they watch the live show on Showmax they simply want to enjoy all the entertainment and epic moments.

It isn’t hard to recognise these ones at all. Just watch out for those who suddenly stop stanning their favourite housemate and start hyping whoever is crowned the winner of the Shine Ya Eye season.

The BBNaija S6 journey finally comes to an end and we can’t wait to see who goes home 90 million Naira richer. Catch all the victorious moments during the live show from your Showmax app if you live within Africa or in the UK.