Nigerian Actress Omoni Oboli has disclosed that she is the generational curse breaker of her family as she was sent to break the curse of poverty in her family.

Omoni Oboli speaking in an interview with RMD about her life and family said she is the one person sent to break her family’s curse and wants to be the one who breaks the generational curse of poverty.

According to her, she wants to have generational wealth and wants to be the one who opens the door for her family to riches so her family will be wealthy forever just as wealthy families begun from one particular person.

Adding that even though she has money and is okay, she works as if she’s broke just because she wants to have generational wealth and be so wealthy that her family from her won’t just be okay but very wealthy since she has broken the curse.

This might be the life of Omoni Oboli but it also serves as an inspiration for all of us who want to become wealthy and have generational wealth by breaking the curse of our families and that only means we would have to work very hard even if we are okay.

The actress then gave her name a meaning that matches with her intentions of being a wealthy person which is Omoney to prove that she was indeed sent to become the person who breaks the family’s curse.

I was sent to break generational curses! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾