By G9ija

good evening all, please i need a serious advice from you guys with out insuit, Please.

have been dating this girl for close to 4 years now, and am madly in love with her, at first i never love her, she did everything for me to love which i am now, have done everything a man could do for woman, i assisted her in setting up her business, i alway ensure she is okay,her family knows me.

we have already start making plan on getting married, before now have been having trust issues with her, when ever her phone is close to me or it rings she is not comfortable, anytime i ask questions she knock it off,she will say they are just friends, at a point i was monitoring her, she knew,friends will call me they saw my girl with some one guy ,that same guy usually do call, have ask her who is the guy, she said they just friends , it was clear she was cheating her attitude towards me change, yet i kept cool for peace to reign and for what i feel for her.

To cut the story short, spoke to her family about it and her brother abroad, now she is angry and she does not want the relationship anymore,have beg her have also send people to beg her, she said never that she has move on, am confuse i really do love her, the worst part she block me on watsup and messager and she is not picking my calls, i feel she dislike me now.

when even i rmember my labour in this i feel so bad with my self, i really don’t know how to move on