By G9ija

Hello fellow engineering students, graduate and practitioners..

Out of curiosity I want to know some of the basic and necessary skills every engineering student should work on acquiring in his/her field being it electrical, mechanical or civil..
As an electrical engineering student who is passionate about power…

I have been advised to take up lessons in AutoCAD, Revit and solid works..I have also been told to learn electronics and also try learning automation (PLC) with reputable training centres like AETI ..

I have also heard about PVsyt, ArchiCAD, PDMS ,autodesk inventor necessary are this and which of the engineers (mech, elect and civil) should show interest in one of this..

what Will u say about this and are there other things necessary to acquire…and also what will you say for the likes of civil and mechanical engineers and students…

In general what are the necessary skill an engineering student should learn outside school to ensure that he/she is employable and to avoid stories that touch..

Lastly can someone recommend good training centres to acquire some of this skills..
I tried researching about AETI for PLC training and it very expensive… I will be glad if any of us can recommend a cheaper alternative for automation PLC

Thanks in anticipation…