By G9ija

Please don’t mind my grammatical blunders .My brother in law called my wife and I tonight sobbing profusely and confused about what to do.

He caught his wife cheating on a man erroneously believe to be her daddy’s friend.

It all started when his wife’s phone was bad and he gave him to repair it for him while coming from work. Engineer repaired the phone and on his way home, he curiously checked his wife’s phone and discovered sex chat his wife had with the man she called her daddy’s friend.

His wife snapped her private parts and sent to the man. They exchanged so many dirty videos including pornography . All the wife’s family members (mother, sisters) all knew the man introduced to the husband as dad’s friend.

Her dad is late. Their wedding is one year this month with a three month old girl child.

He is worried about the father of the child cos according to him, his wife had visited the man shortly after their wedding.

My wife and I have been disturbed seriously on this matter. The husband called for advice on the step to take.

Please I need your advice cos we are in shock as we didn’t expect that from the lady.