By G9ija

Nigerian Singer Korede Bello have advised individuals to choose life as he talks about the numerous number of bad news that we hear every day saying it will never end.

Korede Bello sharing his thoughts about life and how there’s always bad news said as long as we are alive, there will never be a shortage of bad new or things to feel sad about in this life.

But the good news is that if you gather the courage to pay attention to the present moment you will find an abundance of things to be grateful for and the choice is yours to make but he advises you choose life and be grateful.

Korede Bello is right because when you take your life for instance you will realize that there’s no shortage of bad news or something to feel sad about in life but then when you pay attention you will realize that there are things to be grateful for.

Most people usually complain a lot about the bad news and sad things in their lives and never gather the courage to look at the present and realize that there are things to be grateful for most especially the life they have.