By G9ija

Wife of the founder House of Truth (HOT) Church Abuja, Pastor Boladale Adeyinka, on Sunday advised Christian women on moral and proper upbringing of their children in a Godly ways

She said a better society would evolve if the women heeded her advice.

Mrs Adeyinka gave the advice on Sunday during the church’s 2021 Women of Virtue Convention with the theme: “Spirit-led woman’’.

She said that the advice became imperative considering the critical position women occupied in families and in the society in general.

She noted that the society would be better if parents and guardians, especially mothers, ensured and trained their children in morals adding that God is always happy with parents that trained their children in Godly ways.

The cleric advised women to equip themselves with the word of God to enable them to overcome challenges of life.

“For women to promote positive change in their families and the society at large, they must remain faithful and stick to the teachings of the Holy Bible,’’ she stressed.

Mrs Adeyinka urged all spirit-led women to live exemplary lives by shunning negative acts so that their children and others could emulate them.

She called on Christian mothers and other Nigerians to be law-abiding, respect constituted authority, live in peace and tolerate one another irrespective of their ethnic, religious or political affiliations.

‘“A spirit-led woman is a gift to her marriage and the society; she is to influence positive changes in the society; when she leads, the nation will rejoice and there will be sustainable peace as she influences even the male to imbibe good conducts.

“The convention seeks to provide more of such spirit-led women. We had Esther, Ruth, and Deborah among other women in the Bible.

“As we aim to achieve this, the nation will be free from chaos, hunger and negative vices,’’ she argued.

The guest speaker at the convention, Pastor Anne Gambo, spoke on the topic: “Led by the spirit.’’

She advised women to regard Jesus Christ as the only solution to all challenges in their lives.

She took her scriptures from the book of Romans 8:14 – “For as many as are led by the spirit of God, those are sons and daughters of God.’’

Gambo appealed to women to live Christ-like lives adding that being spirit-led helped in preventing ills in the society for peace and growth to reign.

She advised women to always act according to the word of God in their hearts for the best in the nation’s development.

“A spirit-led woman has a heart of gold; her words and actions heal,’’ she said.

She also took a message from 1st Thessalonians 5:21- “Test all things; hold fast only what is good.’’

Deaconess Bukola Adewumi who participated at the convention said that the programme was meant for women to thank God for His faithfulness to them as the Church sought for peace in the country which was being achieved through fervent prayers.

She solicited support and prayers from all and sundry to enable Nigeria to move to its promised land of peace, progress, oneness and national development.