The  one time winner of Gulder Ultimate search and talented actor Kunle Remmy in a statement, said he can’t wait for the show to debut in few weeks as organisers unveil contestants on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

Popular Nollywood Actor Unveiled As Gulder Ultimate Search Taskmaster [Photo]

“It’s going to be so big and loud, I have no doubt that the contestants are up to something big,” says Kunle, the taskmaster for GUS 12, who was also part of the regional screening that led to the selection of the 20 finalists.

Remmy has established himself as a Nollywood actor after emerging a winner of the Gulder Ultimate Search in 2010 winner. The athletic-framed actor takes over as the taskmaster from his older colleagues, Bob Manuel Udokwu, and Chidi Mokeme.

The contestants reveal for GUS 12 – ‘The Age of Craftsmanship’ will hold at a selection party in Lagos.

Organisers say more than 20,000 applicants registered for the show via the GUS portal.

They were whittled down to 20 finalists after the regional screenings held in Enugu, Lagos and Abuja and the Sea School screening in Lagos.

The screening committee will select 16 contestants from the 20 finalists, while the public will vote two to join them.

GUS returns after a seven-year hiatus, and fans went wild with comments when organisers announced its return on September 1, 2021.