Nigerian Singer cum dancer, Korra Obidi, has expressed her perception on the ongoing trend of celebrities calling out their spouses on social media.

Obidi who recently revealed that she was expecting a second child, opined that bringing marital issues to social media may not be bad after all.

“My thoughts on estranged lovers or couples bringing their issues on social media is that love is the ultimate. If you have to table a matter publicly to fix it, by all means, do what you need to. As long as at the end of the day, the love you share is intact. I oftentimes delete and block disrespectful messages. I also sometimes reply them and share their messages publicly for my fans to ‘destroy’ them,” she told Saturday Punch.

The mother of one also maintained that a woman is not a property bought by her husband.

Speaking on her view about netizens trolling her for dressing half naked in most of her videos Obidi said, “I wasn’t born with clothes. My natural essence is happiest with less. I am in Los Angeles, United States of America, where it is summer all year long. I don’t need to wear ‘buba’ and ‘gele’ to please anyone. Here, everyone loves you as you are. My husband loves my craft. He is my number one fan and supporter. We are equals. Over here, a woman is not regarded as a piece of property bought by her husband. She is considered his equal. We make decisions together and enjoy each other independently.

“Our society is a very judgmental one. Freedom is not something most of our women know about, let alone have experienced. I love my people (Nigerians) but if I was married into another family, I doubt that my creative expressions would not be limited.  On the other hand, I see relationships like that of my close friend, Jane Mena, and I realize that our men are changing.”

The talented dancer cum mom sure has a lot to say about our African culture which is mostly patriarchal, where men see women as property and women are nurtured to behave and act in such manner unlike in the west where both men and women are equal and considers each other’s view and opinions