Fortune Okudaye is a 24 year old lady who narrates to BBC how she used her dispatch riding business to pay her school fees while she was in Lagos.

Fortune who is from Delta state said that the worst advice she has got from people was that she is too beautiful to be riding a bike under the hot sun in Lagos state.

In her interview, she said they asked her to pick up prostitution instead.

The lady came to Lagos in 2017 on the promise her father’s brother made to put her in school.

According to the 24-year-old lady, the man said that she would have to pay him back. Fortune later braved it and went job hunting.

The lady who has been riding bikes since she was 11 years old said that she went into the okada business because there were no well-paying jobs for her in the state.

Fortune noted that the bike riding business is not for the faint-hearted. She revealed that the number of accidents she has had is enough for her to quit already.

The lady who has been embarrassed on many occasions said she was once slapped by a female customer. Fortune could not retaliate because of the fear of a sack.

The 24-year-old would have loved to further her education to HND level but cannot as most of her income now goes to her mother’s treatment who has cancer.

Her story has attracted so many heart-felt reactions from Nigerian internet users.

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