The BBNaija Shine Ya Eye season is gradually winding up with only two weeks left in the game. Each year, BBNaija fans and viewers come up with fan base names and titles to support their favourite housemates. With no SMS voting this year, viewers are doing their best to ensure their favourite housemates survive the remaining Sunday Evictions with the DStv and GOtv awoof voting.

Since voting opened up on Big Brother Naija, we’ve noticed these seven categories of people. Which one are you?

This set of fans are very annoying. They will fight tooth and nail with their opposing fan base to save their favourite housemate from possible eviction. When their fave isn’t up, they end up saving a random housemate just to kick out their opposing fan base.

After all, it’s survival of the fittest!

These ones remind everyone every day across all social media platforms to vote for their faves until you start seeing the housemates’ names in your dreams.

Even though viewers can vote with as much as 2500 votes depending on your DStv package, these ones leave nothing to chance because after voting with the DStv app, they also vote on the mobile website to get 100 more votes, simply because their preferred housemate must win the show by force, by fire.

These fans don’t really have a fave. They vote according to the emotions they feel or how they connect with the housemates who are up for possible eviction. They don’t necessarily stan the housemate, but they just love them at that point in time.

These ones don’t stress about anything. They don’t even vote. They just watch the show with no strings attached and go to sleep. Whoever wins, wins, it’s not their business.

These ones don’t really have a fave, but they still want to participate in the voting. So they give out their smart card or IUC numbers for a small fee to the die-hard stans so they can vote for their favourite housemates. It’s a serious matter, abeg

These BBNaija fans know that times have changed, especially with the no SMS voting this year. For this set of fans, they upgrade their subscription to the DStv premium package to get 2500 votes for their faves and also get other people to do the same, even going as far as paying for their subscriptions sometimes.

BBNaija fans and DStv active customers can get 200 votes on DStv Yanga, 500 votes on DStv Confam, 750 votes on DStv Compact, 1500 votes on DStv Compact plus and 2500 votes on the DStv Premium package. Viewers can also get up to 100 votes on the mobile site. Download the MyDstv and GOtv apps on iOS and Google Play.

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