Nigerian Actress Seun Osingbesan has cursed Bobrisky after revealing the reason why he wanted to be a woman say may the judgment of God come upon him.

Bobrisky in a recent interview disclosed that he wanted to be a woman because he realized that being a woman pays a lot of way for him and most women don’t value what they have but he uses what he has to get what he wants.

Actress Seun reacting to his claims said she’s disgusted with what Bobrisky said and even though she has never called or rebuked anyone like this on her page before, it has become necessary for her to do so because of what Bobrisky thinks about women and call him to order.

According to her, Bobrisky is a disgrace to manhood asking what he thinks he knows about being a woman and what exactly he’s preaching about being a woman claiming he uses what he has to get what he wants and his claims of being a slave as a man.

I am so disgusted right now🤦🏽‍♀️

I have never done this on my page

I have never taken to my social media to speak against anyone other than the Nigerian government but this right here sucks

This man is a disgrace to Manhood!!!

What does he know about Being A Woman?

And what exactly does he mean by “I use what I have to get what I want”?

What exactly is he preaching about BEING A WOMAN?

Does he mean being a man means being a slave? I really do not understand this

What exactly is he preaching?

May the judgment of God come upon you for choosing to be an agent of the devil and misleading innocent lives🙏🏼?

“I want to be a woman because being a woman has paved a lot of ways for me.”