Nigeria legendary Wizkid has once again claimed to be a single father a few days after his manager/baby mama Jada P called him her man in a tweet hailing him.

Wizkid has made Jada P a laughingstock and is just catching cruise himself with his claims of being a single father just a few days after his manager and baby mama Jada P tweeted calling him her man and hailing his amazing performance.

Wizkid reacting to the number of ladies he sees and meets on his Made In Lagos tour said as a single father he hopes to catch a wife on this tour as he seems not to get enough of the women he meets and sees while performing.

This post of his came a few days after his manager/baby mama Jada P tweeted saying imagine being at a show listening to your favorite album/songs watching your man sings but guess Wizkid doesn’t see things the ways she does.

This post of Wizkid posits that Jada P is the only one in a relationship with him and that is why she labeled him as her man but Wizkid thinks he’s just a single father who isn’t in any relationship with anyone at the moment.