By G9ija

Chinese President Xi Jinping today stressed the importance of the role of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CLACS) in protecting peace, stability and promoting regional development.
Speaking by video-conference at the high-level summit of this group, the president considered its birth 10 years ago a milestone in the process of integration of the area, because it took place in the midst of the countries’ efforts to preserve their independence and self-strengthening.

He affirmed that China attaches high relevance to strengthening relations with that organization, supports it in boosting greater cooperation among its members and in the search for solutions to face common challenges.

‘In July 2014, the regional leaders and I together declared the establishment of the China-CLACS Forum, thus opening a new avenue for cooperation between China and Latin America and the Caribbean as a whole,’ Xi recalled.

As he emphasized, since then the forum has become the main platform for bringing together friendly forces from various sectors on both sides and made great contributions to deepening mutual ties.